Pelajaran Menulis Kreatif dari Don Hertzfeldt

Ini adalah deskripsi proses penulisan kreatif terbaik yang pernah gue baca, deskripsi dengan metafora yang keren sekaligus detail dan akurat banget, dari Don Hertzfeldt.

Pelajaran Menulis Kreatif dari Don Hertzfeldt | Controversy

Ini tahap pertama dalam proses penulisan kreatif:

“It’s like you’re floating in an ocean and you want to build a raft. So you just float there and you wait and wait. Eventually this little piece of something comes drifting by, maybe a memory, and you hang on to it. And then another little piece comes around. It is unrelated, maybe a funny sentence you overheard somewhere. And you keep collecting all these little things that just sort of drift by. And eventually you find connections between all the things, and with all these parts you’ve gathered up, you now have enough stuff to build a raft.”

Ini tahap kedua:

“And then once you have the raft, you can remove all the bits that don’t quite fit any more, the spare parts that you didn’t need after all. You toss them back or maybe save them for another raft later.”

Ini kesimpulannya:

“When I write, there isn’t a lot of active effort or swimming around or calculation. For me, that can be very poisonous to creativity.”

Ini sesuatu yang bisa kita semua pelajari:

“The big ideas won’t happen right when you mentally stress on them. It is more a matter of being patient and being open to all the things that just drift in.”

Itu adalah segala sesuatu tentang penulisan kreatif. Nggak ada rahasia lagi. Kalo lo pengen jadi penulis, itu yang akan lo lakuin. Kalo lo penasaran apa aja yang dilalui penulis sampe bukunya kelar ditulis, lo nggak perlu baca berbuku-buku tentang itu—lo udah tau semuanya.



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